Warren Buffett’s 11 Best Stocks of the Bear Market

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) puts up market-clobbering returns over the long-term, but more recently it's been a struggle. There's no sugar-coating it: The Oracle of Omaha has had a rough ride through the current bear market.

The S&P 500, which has recovered somewhat from the depths, was down 18.8% from the February market top through April 8. The average return across all of Warren Buffett's stocks, however, has been a loss of 28.0%.

The Berkshire Hathaway portfolio was built to deliver market-beating return over the long haul, not thrive in a global pandemic. Many of Buffett's best stocks of late are growthier plays that have turned tail. He's hardly alone in that, but particularly damaging has been Uncle Warren's vast holdings in financials, one of the market's worst sectors so far. His ownership stakes in major airline stocks have likewise been gashed.

Some of Berkshire's holdings, however, have held up considerably better than the overall market - and a number of them are newer positions, including a few stocks Buffett and his lieutenants picked up just last year.

Here are Warren Buffett's 11 best stocks of the bear market. Some of these stocks are tried-and-true, old-school value names you typically associate with the famed investor. A few of them, however, exemplify Berkshire's slow but sure shift toward more modern businesses.

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2020 Election: Joe Biden's Tax Plans

With Bernie Sanders out of the race, we now know who will be slugging it out in the November general election: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden. We also know that economic recovery, health care, and other costly initiatives will be heavily debated during the campaign--which means that tax policy has to be part of the conversation, too. After all, any new programs will have to be paid for somehow, and that usually means tinkering with the tax code.

President Trump has talked about issuing new tax proposals, but he hasn't announced any real plans yet. On the other hand, Biden has released several tax policy ideas as a candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination. Here's a look at a few of the higher-profile Biden tax plans concerning hot button issues of the day. (We'll report on any Trump proposals when they are released.) Start brushing up now, so you'll know who to vote for in November.

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