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The big baller needs to be the son, not the father (Yahoo Sports)

LaVar and Lonzo Ball (Getty)

The elder Ball attracted all the attention leading up to the NBA draft, but now he needs to back off and let Lonzo's play do the talking....

Knicks won draft night by keeping Kristaps (Yahoo Sports)

Kristaps Porzingis

Knicks fans were nervous about Kristaps Porzingis possibly getting traded, but now that he's still around, where does this game go?...

Soccer video replay isn't working so far (Yahoo Sports)

Soccer video replay isn't working so far (Yahoo Sports)

Video replay in soccer isn't a bad idea on the surface so long as it's implemented well. And that hasn't happened in Russia....

Power Rankings: Rockies climbing higher (Yahoo Sports)

MLB Power Rankings

A few fellow ball writers and I have taken to celebrating draft day by recalling our favorite old scouting descriptors, some of which are real, some made up but close enough to sound sort of legit....

President Trump drives golf cart onto green (Yahoo Sports)

President Trump

The president drove his golf cart right onto a green. He owns the green and the course around it, but still....