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Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's Rare Public Outing Will Brighten Your Day

Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson

Who knew a lunch date could bring so much joy to pop culture fans?


Did Scandal Just Kill [Spoiler]?!


Uh, what the heck is going on on


Amy Schumer, Ashley Graham More Celebs Who've Put Body Shamers on Blast: Watch!

Amy Schumer, Ashley Graham More Celebs Who've Put Body Shamers on Blast: Watch!

Celebs aren't afraid to speak their minds…especially when it comes to shutting down haters.


Amy Schumer's Oral Sex Story Proves How Normal Her Relationship With Ben Hanisch Really Is

Amy Schumer, British Glamour

British Glamour

Amy Schumer is not a celebrity—at least not in the traditional sense.

She's famous, no doubt, but it hasn't gone to her head. And while she's traveled the world with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch (a total disaster, by the way), the Snatched star doesn't pretend her love life is any more glamorous than it really is. Case in point: "I went down on Ben this morning and he yawned. It was an accident, but we were both just dying laughing," the comic says in British Glamour 's May issue (on stands Apr. 30) "I'm happy, but obviously I was like, 'F--k you!'"

"When I'm down there, if it's more than a minute, it's his birthday or something," she jokes. "But this morning it just happened—and then he yawned and it was a great excuse to stop."

Hanisch, who relocated from Chicago to live with Schumer in New York City, has been an ideal boyfriend so far. "He's very protective of me," she says. "Like, not overprotective, but if someone's taking pictures of me or filming in a restaurant, he'll start taking pictures of them."

"He's really cool; it's not a problem to be around any of the sorts of people who are at these events. He takes it all in his stride," she adds. "But when I say, 'Shall we get out of here?,' he's like, 'Yes!' I'm so lucky that I met him. And he hadn't seen any of my work before we met…"

Hanisch might be the only person who hadn't.

Amy Schumer, Ben Hanisch, 2017 Golden Globes, Candids

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon

Schumer has been on the rise for years. After working the stand-up circuit, she found success with Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer . A hit movie and a best-selling book followed, but Schumer—whose family lost nearly everything during the recession—says she's never been motivated by fame or money. "No, I did not ever want to be famous, honestly. It didn't occur to me until it was already happening. The fame aspect is not something that appealed to me at all. And I was really kind of terrified of it," Schumer tells the magazine. "I wouldn't trade it to wait tables or whatever. I live my life; I'm grateful for everything. It's mostly just really annoying."

Being famous is more "distracting" and "embarrassing for everyone" than anything else, she says. "I'm conscious for the people I'm with. Now when I go outside, I get photographed by the paparazzi." It could be worse, of course. "I'm not to the level of some people some actresses where it's constant tabloids," Schumer explains, "but it's enough that it's really uncomfortable."

To stay sane, Schumer keeps her eye on the prize. She's already worked with everyone from John Cena to Bill Hader , and there are "so many" more men she wants to kiss onscreen. (Sorry, Hanisch— British Glamour had to ask!) She wouldn't kick Tom Hardy "out of bed," nor would pass up Christian Bale or Idris Elba . "I mean, this


Tired of Looking Tired? This Ingredient Might Be the Answer

ESC: Olivia Palermo

Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan

If you are a human being living on this earth, chances are you're tired.

Is it just us or does every time someone ask you how you're doing, your response is simply, "I'm so tired." For most of us, we can handle the lack of sleep and the over-booked schedules, but when that feeling of looking tired starts showing up on our faces, that's where we draw the line. After all, celebs like Olivia Palermo are working just as hard as we are, but they don't seem to be plagued with the same chronic look of fatigue (you know, dullness, sallowness and an overall loss of radiance).

You might think this worn-out look is all in your head, but according to celeb dermatologist Dennis Gross   ( Selena Gomez , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia all use his products), it's all too real. "I've spent years researching this phenomenon and discovered that looking run-down is actually a real, clinical condition," said the pro.

So, if you find yourself looking in the mirror and see that your skin isn't living its best life, here's what you do.

Identify the Symptoms of Tired Skin: Most skin conditions are easily detectable and easily treatable. Got a zit? A little benzoyl peroxide will do the trick. Skin parched? A hyaluronic acid-based serum usually helps. Tired skin is different though because it's more of an overall condition. "If you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong, chances are you're suffering from tired skin," said the pro. Simply put, when your skin looks tired, everything looks worse.

Consider Your Lifestyle: It's no secret that we live in a world that doesn't stop moving, but a lifestyle stacked with bad choices (stress, diet, lack of sleep, inconsistent skin routines and environmental aggressors—to name a few) is going to catch up with you and show on your face. "Truth of the matter is that our skin cells have a battery that provides energy…but when the power runs out, it's no different than a cell phone that needs a charge," said the pro. This "battery" is the mitochondria layer of the skin, and when it runs low on energy (thanks to the above aggressors), your skin starts to appear tired and, worse, is less responsive to anti-aging ingredients.

Make Skin Care a Priority: "There is no magic bullet to cure all skin concerns, but it starts with a consistent routine," explained Dr. Gross. According to the pro, you should have a gentle cleanser, an exfoliating peel, a treatment serum and a good moisturizer in your arsenal. But, when you're dealing with tired skin, it's more about ingredients than a type of product. "Anyone who is serious about anti-aging and taking care of their skin should work in powerful ingredients, like vitamin C and antioxidants into their daily regimen," he elaborated.

The Vitamin-C Factor: You've probably heard of vitamin C before, but why should it be in your skin-care products? For one, it produces more collagen, giving skin

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